Special Offers

snowflakeWinter checks for just £34.99

Get prepared ahead of the winter, it is important to know for certain that your vehicle is in a safe and reliable condition. That’s why at GMG Motors we are offering a winter check for your car for just £34.99. The offer applies to any make/model, all you need to do is call us to book.

The winter check will include:

  • Full light check
  • Windscreen wiper (condition) & windscreen washers check
  • Check tyre condition, tread, depth & pressures
  • Visual check of brakes
  • Check of engine bay levels including engine oil, water & engine coolant
  • Check anti-freeze strength in the coolant (in case tempaeratures drop below freezing)
  • Battery check

We will then provide you with a report indicating anything that may require attention.

AirconAir con re-gas and refresh offers

Manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning refrigerant is re-gassed every 2 years due to the build up of bacteria created by the system where it is not used frequently (often only in summer months). That’s why at GMG we are offering you a great deal on an air con service. The offer includes a complete air con re-gas and system inspection checking for leaks, along with an antibacterial air con canister added to the refrigerant to kill off any bacteria present.

Handy Tip:  To help maintain an effective air conditioning system and reduce unwanted odours caused by bacteria, it is best to continue to use your air con all year round, including winter months. In fact, using the air con with the heater control set to warmer temperatures works even more effectively to clear misting windscreens.


Air con service (includes re-gas + antibacterial refresh) £120
Air con re-gas only £96
Antibacterial refresh only £24

trainingBasic knowledge training for just £40

“Do you know how to change your tyre?”

“Do you know how to check your lights and levels?”

If you were to break down whilst on your own would you be able to replace your tyre, brake light bulb, headlight bulb or check your oil level?

At GMG Motors we are providing a 30 minute training session which will arm you with the basic knowledge and confidence to be able to replace your tyre, brake light bulb, headlight bulb or check your oil level if you were to break down whilst on your own.
All you need is half an hour one evening and £20 to give yourself peace of mind.